Susquehanna Heartland

Susquehanna Heartland coverTHE main artery of the Susquehanna, Pennsylvania’s greatest river, winds its way from Northumberland County to the Mason-Dixon Line. Carving its ancient route, the river slices through mountain ridges, sometimes widening to a mile.

At Millersburg, the country’s only wooden sternwheel ferryboat plies back and forth. In Harrisburg, the river skirts City Island, the capital area’s playground, and further south, Three Mile Island. It borders Lancaster County, the richest non-irrigated land in America. Trout fishing along its limestone feeder creeks ranks tops in the world.

The drainage basin of the lower Susquehanna boasts landmarks of national significance.

Among them are:

  • York, the nation’s first capital
  • The homes of two presidents, James Buchanan and Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Gettysburg Battlefield, site of the bloodiest battle on American soil
  • Hershey, a magnet for lovers of chocolate, golf and amusement park thrills
  • Cornwall, the only intact charcoal blast iron furnace in America

The beauty of the Susquehanna’s watershed also inspires. Undisturbed wilds, protected parks, rolling farmland and scenic overlooks bring pleasure to residents and visitors.

The lovely Susquehanna and distinctive aspects of the counties it impacts flow through the descriptive text of Ruth Hoover Seitz and the brilliant photos of Blair Seitz. The 180 photos span a decade of experiencing southcentral Pennsylvania. Susquehanna Heartland leads a series entitled, “Pennsylvania’s Cultural and Natural Heritage.”

Written by Ruth Hoover Seitz. Photography by Blair Seitz. Published by RB Books in 1998

isbn: 1-879441-78-0, HC, 8 1/2 in. x 11 in., 180 photographs, 128 pages

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