Pennsylvania Yesterday & Today

Pennsylvania Yesterday and TodayTHE history of Pennsylvania and its people is the history of American ingenuity and progress: a colony established on the principles of political and religious freedom; the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence; a center of industrial innovation; and a rich melting pot of people and cultures throughout the centuries. From the horse-and-buggies of Pennsylvania Dutch Country to the glass-and-steel skyscrapers of Philadelphia, and from the lush Delaware and Susquehanna River Valleys to the peaks of the Allegheny Mountains, Pennsylvania’s character unfolds in a rich tapestry of people and places.

Pennsylvania Yesterday & Today explores the myriad experiences and landscapes that have defined the Keystone State through four centuries. Author/photographer Blair Seitz brings together historical photographs and illustrations with current color images to reveal the connections between our past and our present: the changes and the continuity of our architecture, the evolving natural landscape, the transformation of cities and towns through good times and bad, and the vocational and recreational pursuits of out citizens.

We encounter the area’s first residents – Native American tribes and early European settlers – and relive the emergence of a young nation with visits to numerous historic sites. Landmarks in the nation’s fight for independence (Valley Forge) and its fight to preserve the union (Gettysburg) are brought to life in historical illustrations and in photos of modern-day re-enactments.

Written and photographed by Blair Seitz

isbn: 0760328307, HC, 9.3 in X 11 in., 144 pgs

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