Pennsylvania Heritage

Diversity in Art, Dance, Food, Music and Customs

Pennsylvania Heritage and CultureTHE 180 color photographs and lively text of Pennsylvania Heritage: Diversity in Art, Dance, Food, Music, and Customs reflect the vibrant, colorful ethnic celebrations held in hundreds of locations in the Keystone state. The book is the result of more than 10 years of visits to ethnic events across the state, interviews with tradition enthusiasts, and extensive research.

Pennsylvania Heritage tells the stories of dozens of national groups who immigrated to America, bringing their skills and unique customs with them. The Pennsylvania experience provides a close-up, exciting view of ethnic diversity – the roles each group played, their arts, their food and their song and dance – as well as the ethnic groups’ passion to preserve and pass their heritage on to the younger generation.

In the book you will get close-up view of:

  • The Pittsburgh Folk Festival
  • Seven heritage enthusiasts
  • Scottish Highland games and music
  • Pysanky egg art
  • National costume designs and ethnic foods
  • Pennsylvania German festivals
  • Historic sites of early immigrants
  • Native American pow-wows and much more

The award-winning photography of Blair Seitz makes the ethnic traditions come alive for us in this book. And the experienced historical touch of writer Georg Sheets gives the volume an in-depth dimension.

Written by George Sheets. Photography by Blair Seitz

isbn: 1-879441-82-9, HC, 9 in. x 12 in., 180 color pictures, 160 pages

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