Penn State Sports Stories and More

Penn State Sports StoriesIT HAS been said many times that athletic competition is a metaphor for life. While that thought is a clich√©, its also true. And in Mickey Bergstein’s six decades of teaching at Penn State University and many years of involvement with its athletic teams as a broadcaster, he saw numerous people learn the life lessons that athletic competition teaches. They are lessons that have meaning for all of us, and that’s why he wrote this book.

This book is not his autobiography. Rather, it tells of many people Mickey Bergstein has met and known whose experiences can teach us about life. Many of the people he writes about here are well-known and familiar to you. Others you may have only heard or read about, and still others you probably never have heard of. Bergstein has included each of them because he believes they have stories worth writing about, stories worth remembering.

This book has stories about football, coaches, (including Joe Paterno), players, and others associated with that great sport, as well as stories devoted to interesting and memorable figures in other sports. There are stories about Penn State itself, including its growth from a college to a university, its growth in sports prowess, and its growth from an athletic independent to a member of the Big Ten. There also are stories about life in the Borough of State College and on the Penn State campus.

by Mickey Bergstein, Foreword by Joe Paterno Published by RB Books in June 1998.

isbn: 1-879441-45-4, SC, 6 in. x 9 in. 300 pgs., 20 b/w photos

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