Renaissance of a Capital City

Harrisburg book coverHarrisburg: Renaissance of a Capital City is a celebration of the results of one of America’s most successful urban renewal efforts. On these 144 pages illustrated by more than 220 color photographs, Harrisburg boasts cultural assets worthy of much larger cities.

The beautifully restored parks and gardens, the neighborhoods, the majestic State Capitol, historic and architectural treasures and the scenic Susquehanna River show a vitally renewed all-American city. Essays by ten leading Harrisburg personalities tell the story.

Unabashedly, this book promotes the assets and values of Harrisburg’s urban lifestyle through the eyes of its residents and photographer Blair Seitz:

  • a world-class art and science center downtown
  • visual and performing art studios and venues throughout the city
  • events and museums attracting visitors from the region and beyond
  • cafes and restaurants within walking distance of many homes
  • parks and gardens, including the river-front, easily accessible to all
  • a healthy environment of ethnically-mixed neighborhoods where the wealthy, not-so-wealthy and least wealthy rub shoulders
  • a sustainable lifestyle less dependent on the auto with services economically distributed
  • community-nurturing facilities fostering cooperation
  • excellent recreation and sports facilities and education opportunities

by Editor John G. Hope, Introduction by Janice R. Black, Foreword by Stephen R. Reed, Photography by Blair Seitz. Published by RB Books in 1999

isbn: 1-879441-99-3, SC, 8.5 in. by 11 in, 238 photographs, 144 pgs.

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