Civil War Memories

Gettysburg coverTHE Civil War battle at Gettysburg will never be forgotten. The events on the first three days of July 1863 unfold in accounts by civilians and battle participants. One of the most heartfelt stories comes from the clear recollections of Charles M. McCurdy who was ten years old when two armies reached his hometown of Gettysburg. This fresh memoir, previously hidden in family archives, now gives you insight into how the conflict affected this rural Pennsylvania town and a boy’s views of war.

Most striking are color photographs of battle artifacts from the J Howard Wert Gettysburg Collection, which the New York Herald described in 1910 as “probably the rarest and most valuable private collection of war relics.” Still intact today, Wert’s relics were gathered after the battle and include such rarities as Gem. Trimble’s sword used during Pickett’s Charge, a flag waved by Emma and Nellie Aughinbaugh to greet Union troops as they arrived in Gettysburg and an experimental South Carolina pistol.

With fresh photographs and first-hand accounts, this gift book resurrects the experiences and emotions of war in Gettysburg with new intensity.

Charles M. McCurdy was elderly when he wrote about the Battle of Gettysburg which he experienced as a ten-year-old. What he remembers as a boy during those days of chaos and uncertainty brings a poignant realism to his interpretation of war coming to his hometown of approximately 2,400 people in rural Pennsylvania. McCurdy’s boyish longing for adventure was more than satisfied by the events of July 1, 2 and 3 of 1863.” —Excerpt from Chapter 1

Written by Ruth Seitz. Photography by Blair Seitz. Published by RB Books in 1996

isbn: 1-879441-01-2, SC, 5 1/2 in. x 8 1/2 in., 31 photographs, 63 pages

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