Gardens of Philadelphia

Gardens and Arboretums of the City and Delaware Valley

Gardens of PhiladelphiaFEW places in the world offer as many and as beautiful gardens as the Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania. Millions, including thousands from other continents, visit Longwood Gardens to enjoy the vast, spectacular variety of floral plantings, trees and shrubbery. Gardens of Philadelphia captures artistically and brilliantly the ever-changing displays of color at Longwood and 19 other outstanding gardens and arboretums of Philadelphia city and surrounding counties of Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware. Like Longwood, many of the gardens were first owned by Quakers who shared William Penn’s enthusiasm for the beauty of planned landscape.

Gardens of Philadelphia informs you of the history of the mansion as well as the grounds at each location. And you will explore the gardens with award-winning photographer Blair Seitz as you page through 180 dazzling photographs. Writer John Hope includes origin and technical information for the expert as well as the novice gardener. You will view more than 100 different species of trees and flowers identified by their common and Latin names. Information to get you to the gardens is featured at the end of each chapter. Each garden and arboretum offers a unique experience in viewing textured arrangements of grasses and blooms. Haverford and Swarthmore have the added lure of the university campus, while Tyler and Bowman’s Hill have lovely hiking trails. Jenkins and Morris display educational signage and Fallsington is a historic town. You will enjoy the book in your favorite leisure chair, reading the informative text and reveling in the beauty of the photographs; or Gardens of Philadelphia is just as useful as a guidebook to tour the gardens.

Written by John Hope. Photography by Blair Seitz

isbn: 1-879441-91-8, HC, 8.5 in. x 11 in., 180 photographs, 144 pages

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