Betty Groff Cookbook

Pennsylvanian German Recipes

Betty Groff Cookbook coverWRITTEN from the heart and soul, this book passes on a traditional way of life as well as some of the best Pennsylvania German country recipes. With vivid memories of her childhood, Betty Groff recalls the ways of the family farm life among the “plain people” of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The recipes for the delicious food from her family’s kitchen have been passed and perfected by Betty’s decades of experience as a restauranteur. Basics, light fare, and exquisite traditional main and dessert dishes are easily prepared from Betty’s easy-to-follow recipes using plenty of garden vegetables and fresh fruits.

Tested by groups of guests invited to her kitchen, the recipes in this book continue Betty’s culinary tradition, providing the tastes her legion of fans have come to expect. Beloved for preserving Pennsylvania German culinary arts, this book presents the best of Betty’s stories and recipes in her tradition.

Betty Groff’s Cookbook is illustrated with food photographs and Lancaster County scenes by award-winning photographer Blair Seitz. And Diane Stoneback, food writer at Allentown, Pennsylvania’s Morning Call, has written Betty’s stories and recollections.

Written by Diane Stoneback. Photography by Blair Seitz

isbn: 1-879441-84-5, HC, 8 in. x 10.5 in, 79 color photographs, 144 pages

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