Amish Ways

Amish Ways coverTHEIR distinctive clothes and horse-drawn buggies make the Amish noticeable. Man of their ways resemble a slice of peasant life in nineteenth century Europe. The Bible-based lifestyle of this plain sect stirs curious wonder within outsiders.

How do they raise their children Amish? How do they have fun? Why does their schooling stop at eighth grade? How do they have successful businesses without further education? Without retirement homes, how do they care for their elderly? Why have Amish migrated throughout their history of almost 300 years? How do the Amish care for large families and gardens with to few modern time-savers?

The insightful text by Ruth Hoover Seitz speaks to the hows and whys of Amish lifestyle. In narrative based on experiences and interviews, she describes a home birth; Sunday morning church in a suburban basement; a sisters’ day making chow chow, a vegetable relish; a silo-filling ring at work and an Amish school day.

Time with the Amish does for my spirit what a rocking chair does for my body. Besides feeling rested, I sense a spiritual within.”

The 150 vivid color photographs by Blair Seitz show Amish people in three locations, the majority depicting Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, where they first settled in North America in the 1720s. Other images feature Amish in eastern Ohio, the largest settlement in the world, and in southern Ontario, flatlands that have been home to Amish since 1822. Simple in composition and restrained in presentation, Blair’s lovely photographs reveal several layers of visual information.

Written by Ruth Seitz. Photographs by Blair Seitz. Published by RB Books in 1993.

isbn: 1-879441-77-2, HC, 8.87 in. X 11.31 in., 117 pgs.

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