Art Prints & Posters

Blair Seitz’s art prints are regularly featured in galleries and special showings. You, too, can share his vivid images in your own home or give a special gift by purchasing a print from

Blair Seitz’s iconic images show vivid encounters with people and places in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. More recently, his lens has captured the natural and architectural beauty of Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, which photos from nearly every corner of the region.

Simply choose an image from the many featured on If the image is available for online sale (as are all the images in this slideshow) a purchase icon will be visible above the image. Otherwise, call our offices at 1-610-223-5240 to purchase a print in the required size.

Blair’s prints have been featured often in galleries and as art decor in banks, hospitals and other local businesses. Interior designers seek out his images as artful representations of the surrounding community, providing both beauty and familiarity. Some examples of how you can use his photographs are available here.

Posters of Blair Seitz images are also available for purchase. Brilliant skylines of Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are some of the scenes available in affordable wall posters.